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About Us

Our company started to serve national market in a small workshop as family company with it’s leader Köksal Ruşen in 1998. In today’s conditions, 2500m² closed area and 40 employees continue to move forward in the domestic market in line with their targets. In this direction, we have also added the export of electrical enclosures abroad to our export channel. Export countries include Egypt, Iraq, Bulgaria and Albania.

Our manufacturing park; CNC Punch, CNC Prima Laser 4000 watt, CNC Press, IR infrared Automatic Powder Coating line and Gasket Filler Machines are available and we continue to develop ourselves with new equipment every day. We also take care to protect and develop our existing staff with the awareness that the main element of development is a staff consisting of an educated and qualified team.

In today’s technology, where development and change is continuous, we constantly improve ourselves and improve our quality by taking into consideration the demands and criticisms of our valued customers. Special manufacturing solutions are produced in our company, projects and wishes are carried out in a quality and self-sacrificing way. In addition, ship type stainless boards (enclosures), low voltage panels, middle income panels, generator cabins, cooling cabinets, power distribution panels, compensation and harmonic filter boards, MCC, PCL + RTU panels, special consoles and rack cabinets are manufactured within our company.

With the investments and productions we have done, we support both the national industry power and have taken our place among the companies that have a prominent position in our sector. In addition, by increasing the quality in national production, we have put forward our claim against these firms with our alternative productions against foreign capital companies in the most powerful way.

Quality, Trust and Continuity by adopting the principle of our valued customers to serve and give happiness and pride to live together.

Taking the 4000A TIP TEST CERTIFICATE, TSE, CE EC Certificate of Conformity, ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management (CYS), TSO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Certificates for the purpose of continuously improving itself in accordance with the policies and targets we have determined and has certified  experience in the sector.


Teknik-El Group, in line with the demands of its customers  in the sector of electrical enclosures  meets the world standards with its experienced staff and realizes the production by keeping the satisfaction of our customers at the forefront without harming the environment and nature. Our company has adopted the principle of always doing the best by following the innovations.


Our aim is to be professional in the sector of electrical enclosures, producing quality products, investing in R & D and human beings in the country and abroad, to grow and become a reliable and strong brand. Continuously renewing itself according to the evolving and changing market conditions, Teknik-El Pano follows the technology and makes the best in all services according to customer requests and demands.

Our Advantages

When you give your project to a company, it should give you an advantage in return, so the company you decide to work with is very important. When making a decision, it is necessary not only to look at the past, but also to the machines they use, the materials they provide and the certificates of conformity. Among our advantages:

  • We are located at the point, where you can easily reach from all sides of Istanbul.

  • We speak a few languages ​​common in the world.

  • We do not use intermediary companies, we have our own transportation vehicles.

  • We provide 7/24 service if necessary.

  • 4000 Amperes Panel Type Test is available.

  • Electrical Panel Protection Class IP 54-66 can be manufactured.

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