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Electrical Panel Manufacturing

We use the latest technology during the production of electrical panels.

In the production stage of the electrical panel, the cutting dimensions of the plates that will form the skeletons of the panels and the scaffolding of the panels, he parts to be pierced is determined and the PUNCH machine is commanded. In this way, all operations are done in a fast, automatic and healthy way. After the frame is obtained, bending of the sheet is performed. After the bending process is realized, heat treatment in welding leveling section takes the necessary shape by welding.

Of course, this case changes to each panel,  the material is bent and then assembled like a puzzle and standing floor type panels in the sheet metal processing machine revealed.

In the last stage of the skeleton, covers, hats, bases, inner curtains, electrostatic powder paint are applied. After connection of the inner and outer frame, cover and all other places, the last control is made and enclosure is ready for installation.


When you will have a project related to Electrical Panel, our specialist will help you, if necessary, 3 D ‘Solidworks’ model will be revealed and panels will be delivered as soon as possible. Depending on your request, the board is assembled. We work with such famous companies as ABB, Siemens, Schnieder.

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Teknikel Pano Main Advantages

The main advantages of Teknikel Pano manufacturing technology are:
Production is done using the latest technologies;
Professional team performs the project with our big experience;
100% customer satisfaction.

Enclosure Types in Our Production

Floor Standing Mounted Plate Enclosures;
Mounted Plate Enclosures;
Wall Type Enclosures;
Floor Standing Rack Cabins;
Wall Type Rack Cabins;
Meter Enclosures;
External Panels;
Stainless Panels;
Piano Boards;
Ship Enclosure;
Special products: generator booths, all kinds of stands, cooling cabins, sandblasting machines are produced according to your drawing project.

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