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Gasket Casting

CNC gasket pouring machine which provides high precision and high work safety, due to it’s chemical and physical properties liquid, heat, sound, dust proof. It prevents water, dust and pollution inside your electrical panels. Today’s conditions make the cast gasket compulsory in enterprises.
Teknikel Pano follows the international standards and changing technological developments and gives you the most suitable options for our valued customers. We have been serving our customers for many years with our new generation three axis cast gasket machine which we use in our factory. This polyurethane casting seal is double component and provides protection class of the panels as IP 55 / IP 66. In this way, it carries us to the advanced stages in our sector. We have been providing high quality safe and advanced technological solutions to our customers.


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When you have an order about Gasket Filler, you can get support from our expert by contacting us, and after you specify all the technical specifications, your product will be ready as soon as possible.

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Main Advantages of Gasket Filler

The main advantages of Gasket Filling Technology are:

  • easy application;
  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • it does not smell;
  • no harm to the environment and human health;
  • very good adhesion properties;
  • resistant to high temperatures (130 C);
  • ultraviove does not deteriorate under radiation;
  • does not hold on dust or dirt;
  • does not produce microbial and bacterial environment;
  • long life;
  • depending on customer’s request cast area may vary.

Features of Gasket Casting


• Equipped with AC servo drives and reducers;

•Speed: 15 m / min;

•  Ivme: 10 m/s;

• Position accuracy: + / – 0.05 mm;

• Weight capacity: 60 kg;

• Body features: 2 or 3 components according to the different structure;

• Industrial electrostatic powder coating – RAL 7032;

•  Standard: EN 61439/1-2;

• Power supply: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz;

• Installed electrical power – 4 kW;

• Average power consumption – 4 kW.

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