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Laser Cutting

Due to a high power laser which is widely used in industrial production lines, we cut the plate according to the customer’s request. The basic working principles of laser cutting are a process used in cutting different materials today. For example, DKP STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, BLACK SHEET STEEL, ALUMINUM PROFILE, PIPE etc.  such materials can be cutted up to certain thicknesses.

Laser cutting is a process of separation that does not require any operation after the process.

CNC Laser cutting machine, which is present in our production, brings speed and quality to the manufacture prosess.


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When you have a project related to laser cutting, you can get support from our experts by getting in touch with us, if necessary, the AutoCad model will be revealed and the materials will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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Laser Metal Cutting Advantages

    The main advantages of laser cutting are:

  • high precision and high quality cutting of geometric parts;
  • laser cutting of the metal is not affected by the heat, so it is not deformed, the defect in the cut materials, production waste is minimized;
  • It is possible to cut non-standard, hard to cut, geometric, elements that have different thermophysical properties, it can be cutted one by one or it can be the mass production.

Max. Material Dimensions for Cutting

4000 mm * 2000 mm
DKP – 15 mm;
Galvanized – 8 mm;
Black Sheet Steel – 15 mm;
Stainless – 20 mm;
Aluminum – 10 mm;
Extra profile cutting is available.

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