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Oxygen Hospital Enclosure

oxygen panel

Special Manufacture

What is special manufacturing? The concept of special manufacturing is very wide. Special drawings, sizes, special materials, design, colors, delivery time, different working hours and similar things come into concept of special production. Teknikel Pano manufactures non-standard products as well as standard products. If you have a project in hand, or need the autocad / solidworks drawings, your time is short, the number of pieces is high and you do not have a chance to catch up, we are always here for helping you. Besides electrical panels we produce:

  • sand blasting machines;
  • generator cabin;
  • soundproof insulated (acoustic) booths;
  • the carcass of the towel machine;
  • carcass of the ice machine;
  • profile constructions;
  • road signs;
  • metal barriers;
  • smoking stands;
  • infrared powdercoating furnaces;
  • shop stands etc. products.

All that you need is to come to our factory and tell what you want, then our specialist will evaluate your requests and decide whether your project can be done or not, if the decision is positive, you will be informed about the budget, terms and delivery time. Written approval will be obtained from you before production and technical support will be given to you until delivery day. Quality and timing are guaranteed. Let’s say that you do the production yourself and you only need technical drawings, 4 professional drawers work in the technical department, so your Solidworks, Autocad drawings will be ready fast, it will be without mistake, you will take your project in time.



If you have any questions about the electrical panels, please fill the form, our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

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