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Abkant CNC Bending

We are serving with our new generation Abkant CNC Twisting (Bending) machines.

Bending in panels is essential and precision is a priority.

The machine operator adjusts the program from the control screen, then adjusts the machine’s stops and then presses the pedal down to lower the top tray. When the top table goes down with the effect of the weight of the table, the hydraulic system is activated to reach the desired pressure and the bending process occurs.

Flat surfaces are used in all areas, from light industry to mass production factories. Of course, there is no manual bending of manual metal forming. With CNC machines, geometric cuts are done in perfect scales and bending is also performed. The thickness of the materials to be twisted varies between 0.5 – 15 mm and the thickness of the sheet depends on the properties of the molds; We can bend DKP, Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum, HRP, sheet metal, checkered plate and so on.

After bending the products, the welding process takes place in the leveling section. Welding is a technological process of obtaining metal compounds by establishing interatomic bonds between them. Alloys can be combined with homogeneous and dissimilar (metal) materials as well as welding. At present, welding is widely used in almost all areas of construction and engineering. Welding is a manufacturing method used to combine materials with each other, we use it both in electrical panels (enclosures) and in metal special productions.


When you will have a project related to CNC bending, our expert will help you. Special bending is available upon request. When necessary, the project accounts 3 D (Solidworks), the model is revealed and the material will be delivered toyou as soon as possible. With our professional team, minimizing the sensitivity, we can offer the production by desired project.

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Abkant CNC Bending Main Advantages

The main advantages of abkant CNC bending technology are:

  • precision bending results;
  • high efficiency;
  • multiple programs;
  • the margin of error is zero;
  • quality;
  • speed.

Abkant CNC Bending Specifications

General features of our abkant CNC bending machines;

  • Bending capacity of the bending machine – 3 meter max.
  • The max. bending thickness of steel is between 1 mm and 15 mm;
  • It has a printing capacity of 150 tons;
  • Multi-bending program;
  • Operator touch screen;
  • Control type: 4-axis automatic and manual;
  • Controllable machine axes: Y1-Y2 rollers, 2 backgauge axes, bending axis;
  • 3D graphic editor for input information;
  • Automatic calculation of position, division tonnage and dumping;
  • High capacity memory, 8000 programs and 90-step capacity in each program;
  • USB flash disk supporter;
  • Product programming with direct bending angle or absolute value. Automatically calculated functions: bending length / thickness, material selection, mold selection, bending method, mute position, pinching point, pressure force / velocity, incremental movement and retraction of the back gauge, stop time, waiting time for repositioning of axes, decompression rate, conical twist adjustment, Y and X axis correction;
  • All axes can be manually changed by the operator;
  • Program information installation with USB flash disk available.
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